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Investing in stocks should provide you with the greatest potential for growth, and our staff of investment professionals monitors a database of thousands of companies in order to select those which display characteristics that correlate strongly with increasing stock prices. We use these screening techniques to build a portfolio of stocks which have historically outperformed market benchmarks.

Mutual Funds

In certain instances, Wealth Management & Trust clients may find mutual funds better suited than individual securities to meet their investment objectives. We can select mutual funds which offer a variety of investment styles similar to the core investment style of Stock Yards Bank.

Unlike some money managers who limit their customers to proprietary mutual fund families, Stock Yards Bank screens literally thousands of mutual funds to offer you a choice of those funds which are the best in their investment class.

Specialty Third Party Managers

Often times the use of specialized investment products can reduce the risk in your portfolio and provide the opportunity for enhanced returns. Wealth Management & Trust offers you the ability to utilize third party investment managers as a complement to our core equity and fixed income styles. These styles may include international investing, small capitalized companies and hedge funds.

Fixed Income

Our bond investment philosophy is simple and straightforward: we believe that the fixed income portion of your portfolio should provide market value stability and the majority of your income. We emphasize credit quality and maturity management, based on your risk tolerance and the current interest rate environment.

Alternative Investments

In addition to managing equity and fixed income securities, we are often called upon to manage specialty type investments such as real estate, mineral interests, hedge funds and private equity funds. In many instances we have the expertise in house to manage alternate asset classes; in addition, we have access to other managers with the experience to provide the professional management required.

In either event, you can be assured that all of your investment and property management requirements will be fulfilled through your relationship with Wealth Management & Trust.

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