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Trust & Estate Services

To learn more about 
Trust & Estate Services, please contact one of our Wealth Advisors:

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Our Call Center can be reached at:
(502) 582-2571 or (800) 625-9066

You may know what your financial goals are (transferring your estate to family or charities, being able to retire with a comfortable lifestyle, educating children or grandchildren), but not know where to seek financial advice.

Wealth Management & Trust may be a good place to start. Our staff includes investment professionals, attorneys, and CPAs who can help you determine the best ways to accomplish your goals.

While we don’t take the place of your attorney or accountant, we can act as a trusted member on your team of advisors, acting in concert to serve the needs of you and your family.

Please refer to the topics below for additional information about the Trust and Estate services we provide.

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