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Scanner Drivers

For more information on
Treasury Management Services,
please contact:

Louisville / Southern Indiana
(502) 625-9977

(317) 238-2898

(513) 824-6198

Email us at:

Our Call Center can be reached at:
(502) 582-2571 or (800) 625-9066

Ranger for EC7000i
Ranger for Epson Capture One (v 3.1.7)
Ranger for Epson Capture One (v 4.2.3)
Ranger for Excella
Ranger for MICR Image
Ranger for Panini Vision X and Ideal (new)
Ranger for Smart Source Edge
Ranger for Smart Source Professional
Ranger for Smart PVA ( Windows 8 compatible
Ranger for Smart Source PVA
Ranger for Ts Series (updated 1/2015))
Ranger for Vision X
Ranger for CX30

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