Rollover IRAs

We specialize in making retirement plan rollovers a breeze. If you’re retiring or changing jobs, don’t leave your retirement plan money behind.  Let Stock Yards Bank & Trust show you how easy it is to transfer your retirement dollars into a Rollover IRA; keeping your funds tax sheltered and growing towards your retirement.

It’s Easy

Our locally managed IRA department is just a phone call away if you need assistance or have questions regarding retirement plan investing.

  • More investment choices
  • Local expertise
  • Easy access to your money
  • No Fees on FDIC insured investments
  • Professionally managed accounts for balances over $250,000

Forms you will need:

To expedite the process of rolling over assets from your employer’s retirement plan to an IRA, please make available any payment election forms and recent statements.   Print the applications listed above and take to a branch location near you, or sign and scan documents, then e-mail to the IRA Department at

Mail all original signed documents to:

Stock Yards Bank
IRA Department
P.O. Box 34290
Louisville, Ky 40232-2890

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