Individual Retirement Planning

For more information on IRAs offered through our retail banking division, call:

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(502) 625-2449

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(513) 824-6193

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Our Call Center can be reached at:
(502) 582-2571 or (800) 625-9066

For more information on
Business Retirement Plans:

Louisville / Southern Indiana 
(502) 625-9394


(513) 824-6196

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Individual Retirement Plans
We specialize in setting up individual retirement plans and making retirement plan rollovers a breeze. We will work with you to build the IRA portfolio you’ll need to meet your retirement planning goals.  Our locally managed IRA department is just a phone call away if you need assistance or have questions regarding retirement plan investing.

No Fee Traditional IRA’s, Roth, Rollover, Beneficiary and SEP IRAs are available at any of our branch locations and are FDIC insured up to $250,000. Investment options include competitive IRA CDs and easy access IRA money market accounts.

In addition, our Trust Department will help you with self-directed IRAs and rollovers that include investments in stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other non-FDIC insured retirement investments.

My Retirement Outlook
Are you saving enough money to retire when and how you’d like? Do you know how much you need to be saving each paycheck to achieve your goals? Our Retirement Outlook calculator helps illustrate what it might take to reach your retirement objectives.

Business Retirement Plans
Our Retirement Plan Services team can help you start or improve your business’s retirement plan. We work with small and large companies, schools, non-profits and professional practices to develop client specific retirement plans.

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