Correspondent Banking

For more information on Correspondent Banking please contact:

Louisville / Southern Indiana
(502) 625-1774

(317) 238-2897

(513) 824-6197

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Our Call Center can be reached at:
(502) 582-2571 or (800) 625-9066

Stock Yards Bank & Trust is an independent, publicly traded, community bank with local management and over 100 years of service.

Our deep roots in the region, along with the knowledge and understanding of the banking business, allow us to provide exceptional service to fellow banking companies and owners.

Stock Yards Bank & Trust provides the following correspondent services:

  • Holding Company Credit
  • Retirement Plans
  • Investment Management
  • Loan Participation
  • International Services
  • Depository Services
  • Liquidity Lines

Reg F Compliance information

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