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Premier Web Management is a real-time, Internet-based tool that allows you to obtain all of the transaction and account data needed to calculate your cash position. Premier Web Management requires no special software and is easy to set up.

Premier Web Management supports the origination of stop payments, wire transfers, ACH transactions, Positive Pay and remote deposit.  You can:

  • Manage your cash position daily
  • Reconcile your accounts faster
  • Obtain interest data on investment accounts
  • Streamline reconciliation with online tools and automated reports

Premier Web Management reporting functions include:

  • Previous Day Reporting -lets you view transaction-specific data and generate queries on the previous day’s activities.

  • Current Day Reporting -  information is available for electronic transactions such as ACH and wire transfers.   Account activity can be downloaded in a variety of formats.

  • Special Reports- allows you to obtain specialized information such as Corporate Trade Exchange statements, Repo statements, and Deposit Item Returns information.

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