eStatements-FAQ for Business Accounts

What are eStatements and eNotices?

eStatements and eNotices are just like the paper statements you receive in the mail, but they are accessible online. There is no charge for this convenience.

  • Access your bank statements and notices quickly and easily online 24/7
  • No waiting for the statements or notices to arrive in the mail
  • Print or save statements
  • Reduce risk of lost or stolen statements and notices
  • Always have 13 months of statements available online

Who is eligible?

Any Stock Yards Bank & Trust Company business customer enrolled in Online Banking with a valid e-mail address.

How do eStatements and eNotices work?

After signing up for eStatements and eNotices, you will no longer receive paper statements and notices in the mail.  You will be notified by email every time a new statement or notice is available to view online. You may cancel your eStatments and eNotices and convert to paper at any time by completing the Delivery Preferences form after logging into Online Banking or calling (800) 625-9066. 

What if there are multiple signers on the account?  Do all signers have to agree to receive eStatements and eNotices?  

No.  It only takes one signer to turn on eStatements and eNotices and stop the paper.  If there are other signers who are receiving paper statements and notices, you may want to consult with them before enrolling.

How do I enroll for or cancel eStatements and eNotices?

  • ‚ÄčLog into Online Banking
  • Under "Settings" click on Statement Delivery
  • Choose your delivery type next to the account you wish to change
  • Click on the pencil if you need to change the email address


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